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PicoWay Acne Scar treatment in Seattle at Well Medical Arts.

Reduce the appearance of acne scar and improve the overall health of your skin with the PicoWay in Seattle at Well Medical Arts

PicoWay Resolve acts by creating tiny open spaces, called vacuoles, under the skin where new collagen and elastin are built and can transform the skin over time minimizing the appearance of mild to moderate acne scarring.

What is the Picoway Resolve for acne scars?

PicoWay Resolve is a laser treatment that can dramatically reduce acne scarring. The name PicoWay comes from the hyper-short laser pulses called “picoseconds” that stimulate healthy protein renewal and bring the glow back to your cheeks. Ever heard of a nanosecond? A picosecond is even smaller.

PicoWay specifically targets pigment and blasts it apart, making it invisible to the naked eye. PicoWay Resolve takes things up a notch by multiplying the PicoWay laser beam into 100 “beamlets” to stimulate the growth of new collagen and elastin proteins. In other words, it reduces discoloration while also adding more space for healthy, flexible skin to generate.

A major advantage to PicoWay Resolve is that it reaches beneath the skin’s surface (also known as sub-surface ablation). For the person undergoing treatment, this means a safer process with less side-effects, as well as minimal recovery time between sessions. Less advanced methods of skin treatment actually heat the skin and can cause unwanted side effects including pain, burning and more scarring. The photo acoustic properties instead of photo thermal properties of the PicoWay treatment make it a much safer and easier to tolerate treatment with less damage to surrounding skin.

How many PicoWay treatments will I need?

Each PicoWay session takes 30 minutes. Some results may be visible after a single treatment but generally 3 – 4 are needed to make a signigfigant improvement. Minimal downtime is required after your appointment, and you can expect to book your next session in about 4 weeks.

PicoWay Resolve is a treatment you can count on because it’s been scientifically proven to reduce acne scars. During clinical studies, patients reported high levels of satisfaction with the results achieved: after only 3-6 sessions, 94% of treated areas showed significant improvement. No anesthetic was used during trials. While there may be some redness and tingling immediately after the laser session, most users reported minimal discomfort. Your PicoWay provider can provide before and after-care instructions to make your treatment go as smoothly as possible.

How do I prepare for my laser treatment?

With any laser treatment you want to avoid sun exposure for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to treatment. Discontinue any retinols/tretinoin for one week prior to treatment and let your provider know if you are taking any antibiotics or sun sensitive medications as these may cause reaction.

Pre-treating your skin before any laser treatment is an important and necessary step. Pre-treating will help protect your skin’s overall health and promote speedy recovery after your treatment. Pre-treating can look different for every skin type so it is best to come in for a complimentary consultation to determine the what the best steps are for your skin health.

Learn more about the PicoWay in Seattle at PicoWay – The fastest picosecond laser

Please schedule a complimentary laser consultation prior to scheduling your treatment.

To ensure you are ready for your treatments and to achieve the best results we request that all laser patients schedule a complimentary laser consultation prior to scheduling treatments. At this appointment, we will assess your skin, answer all of your questions, and make sure you are best prepared to start your treatment.

You may also call one of our patient care coordinators at 206-935-5689 and we will be happy to assist you in scheduling.

Click the image below to view our interactive PicoWay PDF.

Transform your skin from the inside out with the PicoWay resolve in Seattle at Well Medical Arts.
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