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Soften Neck Rings with BOTOX!

Many people don’t know that we can use BOTOX to soften the creases/lines in the neck. Learn about all of the other ways we can use BOTOX at


you okay so we’ve gone ahead and cleaned and drawn and iced and numbed up we’re ready to get going i just wanted to show you one other thing the other concern and what we did before we’re starting the filler is these rings these neck rings we used to call them necklace lines now we call them tech neck from looking down on our phones we went in and you do botox right along these rings and it helps soften the rings i like doing that and using my favorite skinceuticals neck repair and it will keep them nice and soft each time you do them it’ll take a little get a little lighter a little lighter just like your other botox points where you’re seeing it getting better and better with time they do take a decent dosage the way i like to do it is you can do two to three units all along and it goes intradermal right underneath the skin really doesn’t hurt just kind of like do do do do do you can see that and it’ll kick in in about a week and look smoother

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