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First Penis Enlargement treatment with dermal fillers.

Dominique from Well Medical Arts in Seattle demonstrates another Penis Enlargement treatment using Juvederm Voluma dermal filler.  Penis Enlargement treatments are easily tolerated with most patients reporting mild discomfort to no pain at all. Expect to be in the clinic for an hour and have swelling last up to 2 weeks. Please abstain from any manual stimulation or sexual encounters for 4 weeks post procedure.


First Treatment Transcript

hi it’s dominique well from well medical arts and we are going to show you another example of penile enlargement and today we are using voluma which is a biodegradable glucose based hyaluronic acid filler it is very very simple very very safe we numb up the patient and then do a little test to make sure that everything’s nice and numb and then we don’t use a needle we use a cannula and the cannula has a dull tip so it’s very safe and it just goes right underneath the skin all the way around it is for girth not length it does not affect the erections at all and it will last up to two years we usually do it in a series of about three plus treatments we’ll start with like a very basic base coat making sure that everything’s gonna lay down nice and even and how many syringes we put in really depends on how large the patient is every person is going to be a little bit different so we’ll start with our first one and then average i want to say is anywhere between five to twelve syringes on the first one and then we keep coming back second treatment about four to six weeks later third treatment the most important thing for the patient to know is that it’s very very safe it’s a process it’s expensive and then also that you need to abstain from masturbation or relation for about three weeks after to make sure that it heals nice and even other than that it is a people pleaser people love it once you get to where you want to be then men like to maintain it about once a year coming in because if it’s going to be lasting in about two years uh it’s about halfway out of the year so people come in annually and maintain it all right let me show you how easy it is okay we just did the penile block and how did that feel good easy you feel nothing great and you can see how really easy it isit’s going greatnice and smooth are you feeling anything at all great okay so we have two syringes over on the left and now i’m startingthe rightisn’t that neat you can just see it fill right up okay great so now you can see that we’re goingaround the back side there we go perfect and this is coming along so great you can already see a big difference and we are at number six so this is kind of what you can expect and it’s a little different on everyone this is what you can expect at about six okay so here we go into the corona how you doing can you feel anything great and this is wonderful look at that just beefing up that corona this is wonderful for sensation these ones can have little drops of blood and little teeny tiny bruises because the corona and the glands are very well vascularized the whole penis is well vascularized and that’s one of the things that makes it heal so quickly look at that coming along great okay okay and we can go into the glands do you feel anything great and the glands can surprisingly take a lot i can easily put like five syringes into the glands we are just starting this is our first treatment so we are just putting one into the glands and one into the corona and i really love the way it always makes it feel a little stiff at the head and look at the way that the corona sticks out nicely isn’t that beautiful okay so pretty easy we’ve just had a little bit of swelling but and we’re gonna go ahead and smooth funny little rolling technique and then i’m gonna go in with a little bit of arnica everything is feeling nice and smooth normal to have just a little bit of irregularities due to swelling and poke marks but that looks absolutely fantastic you

Second Penis Enlargement treatment.

Dominique Demonstrates a second Penis Enlargement procedure using the longer-lasting filler, Bellafill. This is a good option for those that have had the experience of a biodegradable treatment and are ready for a longer-lasting option. We do NOT use Bellafill on first-time penis enlargement patients.


Penis Enlargement Treatment 2 Transcript

hey it’s dominique well from well medical arts and we get to show you something fun just in case you weren’t gifted with the giant penis that you want we can give you one i’m going to show you how it’s really easy this is using dermal fillers we start people the first time with a hyaluronic acid which is a biodegradable filler to make sure that people love it they all do and to make sure that people can follow instructions and not move it around once you’ve proven yourself to be a good candidate and a good student then we can move you on to the bellafill which is the five year filler that’s what we’re going to show you today our patient has had his first treatment and now we’re moving on to treatment number two his first treatment he had eight syringes of the voluma he was very very happy here we are back and we’re going to be doing it in bellaville watch how great this works

okay so here we are

using the cannula right in between the skin and the corpus cavernosum

laying down the filler in tiny threads


one syringe down look how easy yay





okay so cannula insertion you can see the tip of the cannula now we do stay away from right up here in the circumcision scar and i let people know that ahead of time that’s just not an area that we routinely fill

because we want to avoid any complications and if they can happen that is where they can happen

very nice very nice

it’s going perfect perfect so smooth so easy


okay so this is a very easy pain-free procedure patient has reported pain level zero to ten a point five so less than a one we give people topical lidocaine we also can do a block if necessary and the bellophill has lidocaine in it


see how nice and easy and smooth that goes in

so nice that we can do it all from one poke mark as well


okay so going down and getting this base is going to help give support and that is what gives that nice well-hung look also get a little on the top through here

so you’ll notice instead of the penis dropping down it’ll come out a little bit before coming down

nice nice

looks great



looking good

very nice

that’s good

so looking very um could use a little bit more down at the base but it’s looking super good this is where we started so there’s just a little bit more swelling look how nice now we’re gonna go in and do one last to the corona

okay so we’re very happy with our treatment this is the first base of the bella fill today happy with what we’ve got in the shaft we’re now moving on and we’re going to do the corona and the glands the shaft usually does not bleed these little teeny tiny dots are nothing they heal right up occasionally they bruise but really you can see that is not a big deal when we go into the corona and the glands there’s more blood supply it can have just a few bruises on it a few drops of blood that’s normal it’s well vascularized so you can just about expect it can you feel that great and go for it

this is actually quite fun to do it is really nice to see it

can you see that enlarging see that beautiful ridge and exhale

there we go there’s that little drop of what i was telling you about look at that

very nice

love it keep going let’s get that

this is a good one ready and exhale

tiny poke

thank goodness you can’t feel it look at that so nice and then keep working my way around

so nice just about there

great yay

okay the glands can easily take up into five we’re just starting with one today so i’m going to do it centrally right through here one two and exhale

there we go

can you see that plump look at how nice watch

could that grow looks beautiful over this way

wonderful just about there

now this technique has been used for premature ejaculation in the literature in real life i have not had i’ve done one patient he had an extreme case and we didn’t have any significant improvement we’ll keep trying different patients and see if we can get it exactly how much is needed this is simply cosmetic looks good

okay so he’s very pleased with what we did at the glands right here in the front we’re gonna do a little bit more side and side about a half and half and here we go

i don’t know if you can see that in the film

it’s great

and there’s about half so i’ll pull out and let you look

you can see more fullness on that side let me move on over to the other side okay so now we’re gonna go ahead and bandage i wanted to just show you a couple of things a little bit more swelling towards this side a little bit small swelling right through here really normal to have swelling that’s asymmetrical you never get to pick whether it bruises or not which side swells or not that’s why i always say expect it to be a little bit lopsided expect it to be a little bit swollen we’re going to show you how to put the bandage on and the bandages just for about two days to provide a little bit of compression slight and a little bit of support and we also wanted to show sometimes there’s a little bit this is tiny bruise not much but sometimes there’s a little bit of bruising on the corona or the glance all of that is normal i wanted to show you we go in and wrapping it i’ve seen you know different procedures take different kinds of wraps this is not a big deal and does not take any drastic bandaging

all right so with this bandaging it is just a simple 4×4 and then a little bit of coban starting at the tip

and loosely not too tight very loosely

there we go


we’re gonna send them home with the rest of the coban bandages and a two by four two for tomorrow just two days there we go feel okay great hi so you just saw an example of the penile enlargement using the bella fill with the cannula it was so easy painless uh you saw us we were bandaging up really normal to have some swelling you don’t get to pick which side swells normal for to be asymmetrical normal for that swelling to stay up to two weeks the penis is an extremity takes a while for that swelling to go down bruising usually heals a bit faster remember no masturbation sexual relations for good month we want that nice beautiful long lasting belly feel to heal perfect and even and smooth merry christmas

Online scheduling is not available for this appointment. Please call our patient care coordinators at 206-935-5689 to schedule your appointment or to learn more about this procedure.

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