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Peel away the imperfections. If your skin has been damaged by the sun or acne, or if you would like to reduce the appearance of fine lines or uneven pigmentation, you may benefit from a Chemical Peel.

Lighter peels sometimes referred to as Resurfacers only treat the epidermis of the skin and are a safe and effective way to visibly improve the quality, texture and tone of your skin without the discomfort and recovery time often associated with deeper chemical peels.  Light peels gently accelerate the skin cell regeneration process by replacing old, dull skin cells with softer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

Deeper peels such as the TCA or the Jessner penetrate the dermis and provide mild resurfacing. When combined with a home care regimen and repeated every 2 to 4 weeks over a period of 2 to 3 months, peels can help improve sun damage, lighten age spots and diminish the appearance of acne scarring. Fine lines are reduced, and your skin’s overall health and appearance is dramatically improved over time with regular use.

Discontinue the use of Retinols and avoid getting active sun on your face one week prior to your peel appointment.

Obagi Peels

Blue Radiance Peel
The Blue Peel (a.k.a., Obaji Blue Peel, named after its manufacturer) is a chemical peel and skin care system meant to rejuvenate facial skin. Blue Peels are often used to treat blemishes, facial lines, scars, uneven pigmentation, and acne. The Blue Peel uses a slow acting TCA chemical that enables your practitioner to control the peel process and depth. See the results of the Blue Radiance Peel.

  • Reduce undesireable blemishes
  • Smooth out facial lines
  • Treat uneven pigmentation and acne

Dermaquest Peels

Power Pumpkin Resurfacer
The power pumkin peel is a delightful combination of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids so it provides a multitude of benefits including: refines the appearance of wrinkles, evens tone and lightens pigmentation, lessens the appearance of pore size, treats acne and hydrates the skin. It stimulates collagen production and provides an overall radiant glow.

  • Vigorously increases cell turnover while decreasing papule and pustular activity
  • Helps to correct pigmentation and hampers inflammation
  • Aggressively helps to treat acne-prone, thicker, leathery and sun damaged skin.

Hibiscus Peel
A unique pairing of Hibiscus Alpha Hydroxy Acids with Mandelic and Azelaic Acid works synergistically to deeply exfoliate and liberate undesired hyperpigmentation from the skin. Amino acids provide the building blocks to support the skin’s restructuring process, resulting in a healthier and brighter complexion. Perfect introduction to a SkinBrite Peel series.

  • Brightens undesired persistent pigmentation
  • Increases cellular turnover
  • Safe for high Fitzpatrick levels

Lactic Acid  Resurfacer
Lactic Acid Peel Mask is a milder peel that is good for all skin types. This peel helps decrease hyperpigmentation, improve skin tone and texture and soften fine lines.  This is a light, effective peel that even pregnant women can safely use. Ideal for sensitized skin and skin conditions like rosacea, our 30% Lactic Acid Resurfacer is gentle while actively exfoliating for an even skin tone. Paired with Sodium Hyaluronate, this treatment is the ultimate cellular humectant. An unrivaled moisture magnet, crafted to replenish dehydrated, dull skin.

  • Unrivaled hydration increases both epidermal and dermal hydration
  • Increases cellular turnover
  • Has a brightening, glowing effect on the skin

Mango Brite Resurfacer
A delicious exfoliation treatment, excellent the help lighten the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots. Designed with Vitamin C, Orange Stem Cells and Mango Pulp, this hydrating resurfacer provides a basic level of exfoliation as it evens skin tone and helps to repair all levels of hyperpigmentation. Kojic Acid diminishes dark spots by reducing melanin production for a thoroughly brightened complexion.

  • Powerfully brightening and anti-inflammatory
  • Effectively retexturizes compromised skin
  • Aids in the release of comedones

Power Peptide Resurfacer
Decreases wrinkle depth and lifts lines. Provides an instant lift to the skin with increased firmness. Exfoliating for a smoother, finer complexion. This treatment, formulated with Riginâ, and Matrixylâ,  is the authority on cellular and UV damage, promoting collagen and elastin synthesis. Boasting a 40% blend of AHAs and bursting with peptides, this is our most advanced anti-aging resurfacer yet, ideal for those in need of advanced wrinkle correction.

  • Decreases wrinkle depth and lifts lines
  • Provides an instant lift to the skin with increased firmness
  • Exfoliating for a smoother, finer complexion

TCA 10% Peel
Although still therapeutic for the skin, TCA 10% Peels are mild. If your skin is sensitive, thin, or fragile a TCA 10% Peel treatment will strengthen your skin, allowing it to be more resistant to environmental stresses. Your skin will be noticeably smoother and fresher looking.

  • Provides substantial exfoliation
  • Helps skin appear softer and smoother
  • Evens and brightens skin tone
  • Reduces redness associated with acne

Jessner’s Peel
A Jessner’s Peel is a combination of different peeling agents and produces the most dramatic effects. This peel is ideal for aging or sun damaged skin and hyperpigmentation but is also effective on normal or oily skin. The Jessner’s Solution is designed for a very rapid and deep exfoliation of the skin. Jessner’s Solution contains Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Resorcinol and is an ideal treatment for aged or acne prone skin.

  • Greatly exfoliates for a softer, smoother appearance
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial
  • Diminishes pigmentation associated with acne and scaring
  • Effectively hampers stubborn breakouts including cysts
  • Eliminates and prevents razor bumps

More information about all of the Dermaquest line of professional grad peels can can be found at


Microdermabrasion is a mechanical form of exfoliation that uses a powerful diamond tip wand across the skin’s surface. This procedure removes the outermost layer of skin cells (part of the stratum corneum) and stimulates cell growth in the underlying dermis. Microdermabrasion helps give a smoother, fresher appearance to the skin. It is also used to diminish the appearance of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and coarse-textured skin. We frequently combine a microderm with a light chemical peel, getting the best of both forms of exfoliation, manual and chemical. We also lfind it beneficial to micro a week after an IPL to exfoliate the lifted hyperpigmentation!

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