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Chase away the fine lines and Smooth your skin with Refissa.

You’ve tried the store-bought creams. You’re not interested in shots or surgery. But you are ready for prescription care for your fine facial wrinkles and irregular pigmentation.

ReFissa is the only FDA approved topical for the treatment of skin texture.
ReFissa’s 0.05% tretinoin concentration provides highest efficacy with lowest reaction threshold for reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and tactile roughness. The only FDA approved topical to treat skin texture, ReFissa is the only tretinoin product delivered in a soothing emollient cream easily tolerated by all skin types – even dry or sensitive skin. ReFissa utilizes the same active ingredient as other tretinoin treatments, but minimizes the reaction issues they often bring.

ReFissa is prescribed by dermatologists to: Diminish fine facial wrinkles and fade irregular pigmentation due to sun damage. Smooth your skin so it’s softer to the touch (tactile roughness)

ReFissa is different because: It’s available by prescription only. It’s clinically proven to be effective and it’s approved by the FDA. Refissa is the only 0.05%-strong prescription tretinoin cream that’s fragrance-free with a moisturizing, emollient base.

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