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Nefertiti Face Lift with BOTOX

Dominique explains how she uses Botox to perform the The Nefertiti Face Lift. The Nefertiti Face Lift is a great way to contour the jaw and gently lift the lower face.

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Nefertiti facelift VIDEO TRANSCRIPT

hey it’s Dominique Well from well medical

arts and today I get to teach you guys

about the Nefertiti facelift so this

uses Botox which you know is a muscle

relaxer when we use Botox we relax a

depressor to lift so in the Nefertiti

facelift we are lifting these muscles

right there here this is the depressor

anguli oris and we are lifting these

platysmal bands once this funny-face see

these pockets you Botox into the pockets

and it lifts up this way and then what’s

this funny face grab up these platysmal

bands Botox the insertion point and down

the band and that lifts back this way so

you get a nice tuck back of the neck and

a nice lift up of the marionettes those

two together are called the Nefertiti

facelift I’ll usually use about 8 to 14

units for the DAO for the depressor

anguli oris muscle here and anywhere

minimum of a 10 units per band up to

about 15 units per band so it can take a

few units but it works great

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