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New to BOTOX and have some questions? We are here to help.

We often get clients new to BOTOX that have questions and want to know their BOTOX Cost or clients that have had BOTOX for years but have never been fully educated on what we can do with it. This infographic illustrates many of the treatment areas that we typically use BOTOX and the range of units normally associated per treatment area.

What is my BOTOX Cost?

Refer to this illustrated guide to give you an idea of the BOTOX cost to address your individual areas of concern. Every person is different and the actual number of units will vary per person and can even change over time, but this is a good starting place to understand the amount of units you may require.  It is also important to point out that BOTOX for Men typically requires more units to relax the muscles and soften the wrinkles as their muscle groups are stronger. When you are ready call Well Medical Arts Seattle Botox Clinic at 206-935-5689 to schedule your consultation to learn more about BOTOX and have your first treatment. You can also book your own appointment online using our online booking system. We look forward to meeting you.

COVID-19 Closure

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and ban on all non-essential medical procedures we are not taking appointments at this time. Our schedule has been blocked until May 18th per the orders and the Washington State governor. You may use our online scheduling system to book an appointment after that date. We will be closely monitoring the situation and will reopen as soon as possible.

Stay Happy and Healthy and we will look forward to seeing you again soon.

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BOOK ONLINE:  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS OUR PATIENT PORTAL WHERE YOU CAN COMPLETE YOUR PATIENT PROFILE AND BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENTS. You can also call one of our patient care coordinators at 206-935-5689 and we will be happy to take care of you.

* Existing Clients who have NOT registered in our patient portal please use the email address we have on file as your username. 

MIGRAINES | 30-200 units
Minimize the frequency and severity of migraines

FOREHEAD LINES | 16-40 units
Diminish the appearance of forehead lines.

FROWN LINES | 20-30 units
Relax lines caused by frowning

Smooth the vertical lines (the 11’s)

EYEBROW LIFTS | 6-10 units
Relax the muscles that pull the brow line down

CROWS FEET | 24-38 units
Reduce lines from the outer corner of the eye

UNDER EYE LINES | 4-6 units
Reduce tiny lines under eyes

BUNNY LINES | 6-10 units
Smooth horizontal lines on the nose

GUMMY SMILE | 4-6 units
Relax the top lip to reduce a gummy smile

LIP LINES | 4-10 units
Smooth lines on the upper and lower lip

BRUXISM | 40-60 units
Prevents teeth grinding and make face more oval

Turn corners of mouth up to improve prejowl

Reduce the appearance of a dimpled chin

PLATYSMAL BANDS | 24-45 units
Tightens neck, decreasing banding

NECK RINGS | 20-40 units
Diminish the appearance of neck rings.

HYPERHIDROSIS | 80-100 units
Dramatically reduce sweating in the armpits, palms

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