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The Angel Skin Making Device

The time has finally come to introduce you to the newest member of the Well Medical Arts lineup of treatments: Halo®. The angel-skin-making device is aptly named Halo, a breakthrough laser treatment that combines two types of lasers to create major results with minimal downtime.

How does Halo® work?

Brought to you by Sciton, Halo flies above the rest because it’s the first fractionated laser that uses both ablative and nonablative technology. 

It targets teeny pathways in the skin, leaving the area around it unscathed. Meanwhile, the nonablative laser drills little thermal injuries into the skin, which trigger collagen and elastin production—the stuff that minimizes burgeoning wrinkles.

“The Halo is better than either one alone,” says Dominique Well, ARNP. “And it’s easier for the patient in terms of recovery.” You see, older technologies such as the classic C02 laser treatments require five or more days of serious healing time whereas just a few days of healing time are needed for Halo, if that.

But what about results?

By targeting the epidermis and dermis, the Halo, a hybrid laser minimizes the appearance of pore size, help correct sun damage, cut down on brown spots, and even skin texture and tone. Halo can be done on most skin tones, though treating darker skin requires meticulous skin preparation.

What else can this angel treat? This advanced laser solution is indicated for the treatment of:


Halo comfortably treats a wide range of pigmented lesions including freckles, age spots, Nevus of Ota, Café-Au-Lait and more. Targeted pulses of energy break up the pigment into smaller particles that are more easily eliminated by the body’s natural processes. Over a few days, the targeted lesions will darken and slough away.

Fine lines and wrinkles.

A celeb-fave, Halo has quickly become a go-to treatment for correcting fine lines and wrinkles, and improving skin’s texture and tone. The precise heat of the laser stimulates collagen production without damaging surrounding tissues. With virtually little to no downtime, it’s also more comfortable than more ablative lasers.

Acne scars.

Halo works to reduce acne scars by breaking down scar tissue, and simultaneously stimulating new, healthy tissue to form in its place. Because it has multifaceted approach, the treatment is adjustable for different skin types and different types of acne scars (both shallow and deep).

Halo, $1500 for one, full face treatment, or $2500 for two and $3500 for three. Halo treatment series comes complete with a gift with purchase. Approximately $500 of SkinCeuticals skincare is included with a full treatment series.

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