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We care about you Moms! Dominique Well ARNP, encourages each of her busy mammas to take a Vitamin D dose of 5000IU daily. This dose is a safe and minimum recommended anti-aging dose.  Studies show there is benefits such as a dramatic cancer risk reduction, improved mood and memory, improved metabolism and a beautiful effect on skin tone, under-eye bags, red and brown skin discoloration and even collagen enhancement. Vitamin D truly is an anti-aging wonder! 

Eat beautifully. Increase the antioxidants in your diet! Add leafy greens and berries into your daily food intake and watch for the  beautification of your appearance.  Studies show over time, antioxidants will have amazing anti-aging results on skin, mind and body.

Need better sleep – try melatonin. Melatonin can help reduce cancer risk, prevent grey hair, improves mood, help back and joint pain and improve wellbeing by restoring healthy sleep patterns.  Healthier and safer than sleeping pills, anti-depressants and other herbal remedies. Check with your doctor first or schedule a routine Wellness Visit for $150. 

TIP: Sleep in a pitch black room to optimize one’s own melatonin levels.

Want to feel better – For bloating, fatigue, hair loss and auto-immune disorders, consider a trial off of wheat and other glutens to avoid the fattening, sluggish feeling and even immune disrupting tendencies of [virtually all] wheat that has been drastically altered by genetic modification.

For hormonal disturbances, understand your options. For women experiencing adult acne, PMS, heavy periods, weight gain, fatigue and depression schedule a Wellness Visit with a Micro-Nutrient Test and learn about your candidacy for Pellet Insertion Therapy.  For as little as $325, you will receive a comprehensive hormone evaluation and plan designed to correct your hormonal levels, vitamin and nutrient levels to ultimately restore your balance and minimize aging all the while making you that happy to be momma you’ve always been know as. 

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