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Dark Spots. A Few Things You Should Know.

We believe inner health creates outer beauty. When you optimize and balance intrinsic factors like your hormones, your skin extrinsically reflects it. It’s like glow-ology for the skin. It’s only then you can get the pigment free I-don’t-even-need-any-makeup type of complexion we all wish for!

While it is possible to achieve glowing skin, the truth is, many of us do not know how to get it or, understand why we don’t already have it. Especially after the *#ka-billion dollars we’ve spent on skincare products and procedures. Grrrrrrr…………..

So….If you, like many women out there, want to learn about the various influences that may be preventing you from reaching your foundation free goal, read along for the first of a three part series on Dark Spots – Know To Glow, What You Can Do To Get Your Glow On, and How To Keep The Glow On. 

Two words: DARK SPOTS. These stubborn spots are composed of a substance called Lipofuscin (age pigment). While you can spend a life time concealing them, and a pretty penny too with the cost of foundation these days, why not learn about why they are happening and figure out how to get them to glow, glow away!
According to Dominique Well A.R.N.P., “age pigment or lipofuscin, is a brown pigment that generally increases with age, and its formation is increased by consumption of unsaturated fats, excess iron, exposure to excess estrogen or by vitamin E deficiencies and oxidative stress.

Unsaturated fats: Unsaturated fats, particularly PUFA (Polyunsaturated fats), can be quite harmful to the human body and has been proven that while in the presence of iron it can accelerate the formation of age spots. Ladies, polyunsaturated fats are a no glow! The best oils you can possibly consume are olive oil and coconut oil.Excess Iron: Iron, while essential to the body, becomes toxic at high levels. Since it’s difficult to get iron out of the body (donating blood and menstruation help), most people are accumulating excess iron. Providing your iron levels are adequate, Micronutrient Testing can help determine this, if you have skin pigment it is best not to take a supplement that includes additional iron. It is also beneficial to consume coffee or chocolate with foods that contain iron. This can block iron absorption. Drink up…. Seattleites’. Who knew Starbucks could help prevent some of those spots on your skin!?

Excess Estrogen: Excess estrogen can cause a variety of concerns for men and women alike. One being the increased formation of skin pigment. Ladies with Melasma, we know the struggle is real. While estrogen is needed in small amounts around ovulation, outside of that, there is a hormone that is much more important and that can help balance out high levels of estrogen—progesterone. Your goal should be to limit foods (soy, grapefruit, tap water) and products (plastics, cosmetics with “fragrance”) that boost estrogen levels and to possibly have those levels tested and then balanced. Schedule a Wellness Consultation with Dominique. P.S. This can be very helpful if you are or have been on any form of contraception, recent pregnancies or peri or post menopausal. P.S.S. Thank you SkinCeuticals for not placing unnatural fragrances in our skincare!

Excess Free Radicals: Oxidative stress in the body can lead to the formation of age spots. Unsaturated fats, per point one, are a major cause of free radical formation. Reducing those helps, but so does supplementing with a powerful antioxidant such as Vitamin E. Vitamin E is often deficient in most people’s diets. The common name for Vitamin E is “tocopherol,” which is derived from the Greek words meaning, “to carry a baby.” Vitamin E is a very powerful nutrient and as the name suggests can help in a number of regards, from quenching free-radicals to maintaining optimal hormonal balance (and/or a healthy pregnancy). Which is why our number one product of choice for our patients is SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic. This award winning product contains Pure Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid): provides visible anti-aging benefits, brightens skin and helps defend it from future damage. Oh yeah, and that 1% Vitamin E (AlphaTocopherol): neutralizes free radicals and replenishes lipids.

You want to get your glow on early? Buy a CE Ferulic and Discoloration Defense and receive a Simply Clean Cleanser as a Gift With Purchase ($34 value). Ready, steady and glow!

More about what you can do to GET YOUR GLOW in Part Two.
Stay tuned…………………..
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