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Seattle Laser Tattoo Removal with Cutera Enlighten with Nano and Pico Technology.

We get asked lots of questions about Tattoo Removal. Here are some of the most common that we get asked.

Our Seattle Laser Tattoo Removal techs have seen 1000’s of tattoos and and here to answer any questions you have. If you have a question that is not answered here feel free to call us at 206-935-5689 to schedule your complimentary consultation where we can give you a personal assessment and answer all of your questions.

Are some colors of tattoos harder to remove than others?

The color and quality of the ink used in your tattoo can greatly impact how long your tattoo removal will take – and the likelihood of achieving complete removal. 

Believe it or not, dark inks such as black, green, and blue will fade first. Lighter colors such as yellow, pale greens, white, and fluorescent shades are more challenging and will take more time to break down.

Newer lasers use technology that makes breaking down these lighter colors easier. The award-winning Cutera Enlighten is the premier laser in the tattoo removal industry because it operates on multiple different wavelengths, making it ideal for all tattoo ink colors. Short energy pulses break the ink into smaller pieces than other lasers, increasing the effectiveness of each treatment.

Ink quality also impacts removal because higher-quality ink is designed to last. Since it’s impossible to know what kind of ink was used on your tattoo, it’s difficult to predict how many treatments complete removal will take. A laser tattoo removal treatment specialist will be able to provide an estimated timeline only after observing how your skin initially reacts to treatment.

Ink color and quality aren’t the only factors that impact the removal process, however. Other factors include:

Where is your Tattoo on your body?

Got a strong heart? Healthy blood circulation will increase the speed in which broken-up ink particles are absorbed into the body. If your tattoo is close to your chest or on your upper body, the laser removal process will take less time. Habits such as smoking, which causes poor blood circulation, can slow down the fading process.

Is there a difference between removing a small or large tattoo?

The size of your tattoo has nothing to do with how many treatments will be required. Smaller tattoos might take less time to treat during each laser session and cost less per session, but fading will occur at the same speed as a larger tattoo.

Can you remove Professional and Amateur Tattoos?

Professionals typically penetrate the skin deeper and more evenly, which can make removal much simpler. However, professionals also tend to use higher-quality ink that can slow fading. Conversely, an amateur tattoo artist with little experience is likely to apply ink unevenly, making it more challenging to remove. On the upside, an amateur is likely to use cheap ink that responds nicely to lasers. The short answer is yes we can remove both professional and amateur tattoos.

How much Time Between Laser Tattoo Treatments?

Has it been a while since your last treatment? If so, don’t fret. The science behind laser tattoo removal actually relies on the time between treatments because this is when the body absorbs the ink and the tattoo goes through the fading process. Since the laser is simply a stimulus to break up the ink, fading will continue to occur even when long periods of time pass between treatments. As more time passes, however, this fading will occur at a much slower rate. It’s recommended for treatments to be between 8 and 10 weeks apart. On average, five to 10 treatments are required for complete tattoo removal.

How painful is the tattoo removal process?

Laser tattoo removal has acquired the reputation of being seriously painful, but it doesn’t differ much from the discomfort experienced while getting a tattoo. In fact, a laser treatment only takes a few minutes, which is far less time than you spent with your tattoo artist. As treatment continues, the skin adapts. Eventually, the laser removal process won’t feel like anything more than someone flicking your skin. This doesn’t mean it isn’t working. The ink will still be broken up and absorbed by your immune system at the same rate as when it hurt more.

When you are ready to have laser tattoo removal treatments in Seattle give Well Medical Arts a call at 206-935-5689 to schedule your consultation.

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