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Considering a Nose job in Seattle? Consider the Non-Surgical Nose Job!

If you have ever considered a Nose Job the Non-Surgical Nose Job may be a great choice to consider.

Dominique of Well Medical Arts in Seattle recently took the time to shoot a video of one of her Non-Surgical procedures so that you can see for yourself how quick and easy it is. Using dermal fillers to make corrections in the nose is quick and easy. You will be surprised at the results we can get using dermal fillers instead of relying on cosmetic surgery on the nose.  Learn more about the Non Surgical alternative at then call 206-935-5689 to schedule your consultation.

Seattle Non-Surgical Nose job

Considering a nose job? Consider the 15 minute nose job. We use dermal fillers to shape and contour your nose in a simple in office procedure. No Downtime.

If you have ever considered a nose job this is the procedure for you. Drastically improve the shape of your nose with a simple in office visit.

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